My Escape

by Knarsetand

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Knarsetand (a name that rings a bell to Teeth Grinder with a scent of the fairytale’s bad guy) is a 10-piece band that boosts an energetic mix of drum'n’ bass, gipsy, balkan, reggae, dubstep, ska and pop. This group of young musicians from the East of the Netherlands will leaves no other choice than to join in with their musical roller-coaster. Sometimes dark, sometimes mesmerising, colourful, often danceable and always contagious.

The mastermind behind Knarsetand is Martijn Holtslag (1992, Markvelde): self-taught producer, poet, rapper and world-improver. From his bedroom in an old farm out in the Eastern farmfields of the Netherlands, he combined his opinionated lyrics with his home-grown impatient beats. His wish became a shared dream when he, together with productiehuis ON and 9 other musicians, forged the band Knarsetand. In addition to electronics, the live formation exists of drums, keys, electronic guitar, contrabass, air raid alarm, vocals and a complete brass section.

My Escape is a story about escaping perceived reality. About breaking away from the chains of the system, running away from daily life and the confrontation with the labyrintic walls we created ourselves. It leads the way to the daydreaming of a more exciting, more pleasant and musical world juxtaposed with a sharp look at the incentives of the escape. Fasten your seatbelts, ready steady on the break, and then breaking all limits with Knarsetand’s pumping beats, catching lyrics, steady breaks, rolling subs, reggaelicks and female vocals.


released May 30, 2014

Martijn Holtslag - producer/percussion/dubstep wobbles/synths/vocals
Miou Amadée - vocals
Tom van Sadelhoff - drums
Pim Kokkeler - guitar
Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen - upright bass, electric bass and synth/sub bass
Arjan Houwers - keys/dubstep wobbels/synths
Tom van Sadelhoff - drums
Daniel van Loenen - 1st trombone & horn arrangements
Lorenzo Lorenzoni - 2nd trombone
Erik van der Heijden - trumpet
Pieter van Houte – bariton, alt saxophone, clarinet

Lyrics by Martijn Holtslag and Miou Kaper
Additional lyrics on No Importa by Claudio Encina
Music by Knarsetand
Additional melodies on Voices in my Head by Renata Johnston and on Ignite them in the Rain
by Renske de Boer.
Recorded @ Deltabeats studio
Mixed by Martijn Holtslag @Deltabeats studio
Mastered by Pier-Durk Hogeterp

Management & marketing & production: productiehuis Oost-Nederland (ON)
Artwork: Studio Wonder
Cover photo: Hanneke Wetzer
Live photo: Hans Jellema
Booking by Alles Los Agency
Distributed by CRS



all rights reserved


Knarsetand Deventer, Netherlands

Knarsetand smashes the reset button and is back with a new raw sound, a new band, an energy like never before and one message: Welcome to the Mad House. The band's seven musicians deliver a thunderous sound full of breakbeat, electronica and garagepunk, infused with balkan, and cumbia. The Knarsetand-machine transforms every place they go into a pit of fuming energy. ... more

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Track Name: My Escape
My Escape

No longer, will I be
Captured behind bars of fear
You will not control me
It feels like the start is near

No longer will I be
Wearing your rules as chains
Deceptions and lies will fade away
Tonight the rules will change

Everywhere I go it feels like I'm followed
Erasing the steps that I take
The moment is now, there is no tomorrow
Because when you're asleep I'm awake

Tonight I will make my escape
Track Name: No Importa
Somos los bohemios buscamos un hogar bonito
Somos viudos negros, soldados Blancitos
Somos los heridos los torchidos rechezados
An busca del amor, bajo este mismo sol

No importa si eres rico, no importa si eres pobre
Lo importante es una cosa, queremos juntos celebrar
No importa si eres rico, no importa si eres pobre
Lo importante es una cosa, queremos juntos celebrar
Track Name: Realise Paradise
Sometimes it might feel like you're lost in all this mist
As if your common senses are lost or all dismissed
And although the blade might feel so cold against your wrists
You don't have to make it harder than it is

If you 'd rather dream in confusion
Whether you see the real, or an illusion
When clouds overshadow your vision
it’ll be hard to see the solution

Let's overcome this concrete jungle
That feeds us this pollution
We're all victims of the system,
We need a revolution


Create the world we've been dreaming
Together we’ll realise paradise
Find a cause that you believe in
We can realise paradise

If it's the world you want to change
Begin to look at the way you perceive
Because I know we can,
If we give what we want to receive

The weight you carry often seem to be your own chains
Let this be the day you’re set free
Create and make this world a better place now
Lets realise what it can be

For we’ve all got our struggles
and we’ve all got our (pain
we’ve all got our troubles
you don't need to explain

Spit your heart out
Keep your mind clear
See through de dark clouds
We all know it's hard to survive here


If you want to defeat the dark that is in your light
Making war will worsen things in the first place
Love is all, we will bring it to the fight
Let those positive vibes become an earthquake
Track Name: Ignite them in the Rain
Well we've made a set of rules to obey,
See it as a game that we are all to used to play
The children in our minds were put to sleep through the days
Let's wake ‘m up, just wake 'm up

Start asking the questions we forgot
Acting like we're happy, though in reality we're not
Thinking about freedom, while captured by our thoughts
Having so much trouble with accepting that we're lost


When the time comes and we reminisce
Which memories will remain
Turn our problems into challenges
Let the fire of our hearts burn, ignite them in the rain

It's not easy in a world, in which you're not meant to be yourself
Hard to find a way without asking for some help,
We keep walking down a line we will follow,
Aiming for a fruit that is hollow,

We became blind and deaf for the beauty in our eyes,
Got no lightning left, now we're used to all the lies
Hidden prison bars, from the rulers in the skies, (disguise)
Stay with what you know to be the truth, it will always rise
Track Name: Gypsy Parade
Wanderers from lands unknown
Gather here far from home
You'll never have to climb another mountain alone
By daylight we travel and the nights we roam

Not in search of jewels or gold
But to mend our sore feet, shattered hearts and broken bones
For everything of value has been sold
All we need are these clothes and the road we own


Are you feeling left out or eager to fade
These curtains won’t close take ease in our shade
No more loneliness and no reason to wait
Come join our gypsy parade!

The more you change, the wilder the presumptions get
We aren't guided by foolish greed
The less luggage you carry, the lighter the journey gets
Leave the things you don't need.

We’ve come from far and have a long way to go
No matter where we’ll be
Travelling to places we don’t know
Tracking a horizon we can’t see
Track Name: Too Much
Too many fallen fighters
Too much greed to cause this pain
Too much noise in the silence
No lighters in the rain

Looking for a treasure
And the journey is worth the while
They say you trade pain for pleasure
On this deserted isle

So let them judge you, let them judge you,
Only the seeds of jealousy
So let them judge you, let them judge you
Knowing you'll reach your destiny

Too much roots of violence
Too much hate to kiss away
Souls in need of guidance
Waiting for the bliss of May

Whispers of the heart
That might be difficult to hear
Open up and put your trust
In love instead of fear

So let them judge you, let them judge you,
Only the seeds of jealousy
So let them judge you, let them judge you
Knowing you'll reach your destiny
Track Name: Voices in my Head
Voices in my head keep whispering
Mumbling about all the things I have to do
My feet are cold and I'm still shivering
I don't know which parts are fake and which memories are true

Ended up at a graveyard where no sun will shine
Madness spreads its eyes, conscience has become blind
Staring at our screen, brainwashed out of our minds
The only thing we can do is enjoy the ride


The voices in my head are taking over, they won’t let go of me
They want me all alone
The noises in my head won’t rest; haunting the road I see
And I don't know where to go

Plastic eating zombie herds, spreading through our towns
Plastic watching, plastic talking, plastic is our crown
Poisoned by the system's ways, forgetting up is down
Hiding behind plastic masks, laughing like a clown

Who's checking who in the control room of our pleasure
Vanity is condemned to see beauty in it’s treasure
Empty seeds, heads asleep, voices kept inside
Just yell and scream to set them free, enjoy the ride


The voices in my head, they won’t go away
Strapped into the inside of my head
These ghosts don't seem to cooperate
These plastic zombies keep on dancing till they're dead

Walking in a line, heads still pointed low
Wandering through the night, they don't know where to go
Ignoring is no use, resist and they'll start a fight
So I yell and scream to set them free, enjoy the ride!

Yell and scream to set them free
Enjoy the ride!
Track Name: Insomnia
I'm gonna give you the energy
Trouble still is your enemy
The roughest are still in ecstasy
Losing grip on reality
Many different identities
Got a split personality
Pain is just temporarily


I'd rather live in peaks
Then see what highs tomorrow brings
Are you gonna be with me
Or live a life of suffering

No more grey mists, no more fake lists
We'll be painters of life, we're gonna take it

I'm gonna give you the energy
Trouble still is your enemy
The roughest are still in ecstasy
Losing grip on reality

Never again
Will I turn back to sleep, see this world through the same eyes,
Writings fade in the sand

Never again
Tonight we take control, every heart every soul
will quit playing these games of pretend

We’re not gonna sleep tonight
Got this anxiety inside
Lost in opportunities, bleeding dry
And we want to know the reason why


As sensitive as repetitive
Testing devils as exorcists
Damages are imperative
Get me a pack of sedatives

Kill the pain, a prison of written shame
If I look at it any longer I think that I'll go insane

Light the flame, the sedatives in my veins
Bewildering that brain from the system that we became
Track Name: Flying Away
Chase the sun and spread your wings
Make some fun, forget those things
See the colours of the sun change the sky
Chase the sun and spread your wings
Make some fun, forget those things
The sun drowns in the sea, wave the waves goodbye

The sunrays glowing on your skin so softly tickling
pleasing your vision and your sight
while the sun goes down we wait to see the fireflies
Showing a real ignition tonight


Flying away
Spread your wings and gaze the stars out of the sky tonight
And dusk will shine its rays
Flying away
Swim the oceans drink your dreams and chase a firefly
Until the nights are days

And as the day escapes through a late horizon, a sunset warm
Campfires wait until a stranger lights ‘m, burning calm
So let the moon reveal some secrets from the corner of our souls
Forget the things you know, leave all control

See the shining stars
Merge with flying sparks
In this sky so dark
Don’t think, find some heart